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"Mani's psycho-ambient soundscapes make a resounding and hypnotic substrate, an ethereal radio play..."

- Sven Schlijper, kinda muzik

In 2017, Zahra Mani was awarded the OUTSTANDING ARTIST AWARD FOR COMPOSITION by the Austrian Cultural Ministry

Zahra Mani (UK/PK) was born in London, lives in Austria and spends time in Istria, Croatia, the UK and Pakistan.


Sound, installation and radio artist, improviser, composer and producer, Zahra is a multi-instrumentalist whose instruments include piano, double bass, bass guitar and custom-built electronics by Stephan Moore (


Her sound is characterized by a burgeoning archive of field recordings, instrumental and found sounds that she edits, loops, transforms and re-composes as central organic elements of her music in a differentiated exploration of spaces between, where voices, instruments, machines, the sea, wind, rain, animals and landscapes provide the acoustic basis for auditory worlds.


Production and live tools include hardware by arturia, motu, roland and various recording devices, software includes pro tools, ableton live, max/msp and various daws.


Collaborations include work with Mia Zabelka in various constellations, notably the ongoing project One.Night.Band and trio with Lydia Lunch, Medusa's Bed as well as performances with the Crown Quartet (Mani & Zabelka with Tibor Szemző & Roberto Paci Dalò), Jaka Berger, Balazs Pandi, Rupert Huber amongst others.


Has performed with numerous international musicians and artists including inter-medial work with Mia Makela and Elise Passavant.


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