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radio art projects 
zm 19 rp4 © elisabeth zimmeremann
ZM Pula
ZM PUla mixing
Tibor Andrea
TK SM Belgrad
Jure Samo ARS
ZM Mixing
Thomas Svetlana Belgrad
Radio Pula Team
medusas (c) David Visnjic
Mia Zabelka Pula
ARS Team
Funkhaus Wien
Glas Podzemlje Maribor
medusas (c) David Visnjic
medusas (c) David Visnjic
medusas (c) David Visnjic
medusas (c) David Visnjic
Radio Pula
Medusa's Bed Live Extract Fort 16 - Lunch Zabelka Mani
00:00 / 00:00
Live Excerpt - Zabelka Mani Sharrock
00:00 / 00:00
Medusa Radio Rabbit - Lunch Zabelka Mani
00:00 / 00:00
Medusa Radio Decode - Lunch Zabelka Mani
00:00 / 00:00
Echoes on Air trailer - Zahra Mani
00:00 / 00:00
Places, Traces excerpt - Zahra Mani
00:00 / 00:00
Yerevan Excpert - Corona (Crown) Quartet
00:00 / 00:00
Crown xxiii excerpt - ZM & Roberto Paci Dalò
00:00 / 00:00
Echoes on Air.jpg

Radio Art 


For ORF Ö1 KunstradioRadiokunst

2022 Slow Light - Seeking Darkness: acoustic reflections of darkness

2021 Phonofemme imagined spaces

2021 RESCUE: Post-Industrial Dynamics on air with Rupert Huber, Balázs Pándi and Mia Zabelka

2020 News from Radio Yerevan Revisited

2019 Phonofemme Disembodied Spaces live on Kunstradio & Usmaradio San Marino with Roberto Paci Dalo, Agnese Banti, Mia Zabelka, Zahra Mani

2018 Echoes on Air live on Kunstradio, Radio Pula, ARS Slovenia & Radio Belgrade 3 with Thomas Köner, Svetlana Maras, Jure Tori, Samo Kutin, Andrea Sodomka, Tibor Szemzö, Mia Zabelka, Zahra Mani

2017 30 Jahre Ö1 Kunstradio Phonophantom

2017 Can You Hear a Forest Listening? For Pauline Oliveros.

2015 Medusas on Air / Zabelka Mani Lunch, recorded at Radiokulturhaus Vienna, mixed and produced by Zahra Mani

2013 Interfering Radar, Zahra Mani, Mia Zabelka, Electric Indigo and Anna Homler

2011 Phonart Radio Network Vienna - Belgrade - Pula - Prague

2011 Phonart from RingRing Festival Belgrade

2011 places, traces oder ortlose Orte, spurlose Spuren, Zahra Mani

2009 Greither Kantate, Bruno Pisek, Zahra Mani, Mia Zabelka live mix ZM & MZ from Klanghaus Untergreith

2007 Violin Killed the Radio Star, outdoor and indoor performances, live mix from the Gallerie Stadtpark in Krems

2005 Dora_Woman of the Ruins, Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka

2003 Post Paradise

For Usmaradio, Radio Helsinki, Radio Agora, freie Radios international

2021 Crown Quartet The Next Wave

2020 Crown Quartet News from Radio Yerevan

2020 Crown XXIII an initiative of Roberto Paci Dalò 

duet Zahra Mani & Roberto Paci Dalò

For Radio Pula

2011 Phonart Radio Network live mix

2012 Phonart Cyber Dinner

2016 Klangfest Kruzni Tok

2016 Bez Anastezije live radio art performance Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka with Natasa Petric

Glas Podzemlje Maribor and Klanghaus Untergreith with live stream broadcasts on Radio Mars and Radio Waltl

Live Performance Zahra Mani & Samo Kutin in "Phonart - the Sonic Traces of Refugees" based on a graphic score by Luise Volkmann, with Mia Zabelka and Jean-Marc Foussat

Various recorded radio art contributions to international web radio including Lux Resonare, Helicotrema Blauer Hase, Waterwheel Media, Edge Radio Tasmania, Radio Waltl, Mars Slovenia, Radio Student, Glas Podzemlje etc.

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